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Special Discovery/eDiscovery Master

Discovery disputes can no doubt significantly add to the time and expense of litigation. Electronically stored information (ESI) is the norm rather than the exception. With the explosion of technology and the complexity of an interconnected world, courts find that they often need a crash course in becoming an expert in technology, data, eDiscovery, and international laws in order to effectively lead litigants through discovery. So to alleviate this increasing burden on the judiciary, XPAN Law attorneys are regularly appointed as an eDiscovery Special Master to help litigants resolve difficult discovery issues.

XPAN Law prides itself on reducing the burden on judicial resources through its comprehensive understanding of data and technology and being ever mindful of efficient routes to directing a case. As an eDiscovery Special Master, XPAN Law offers multi-layered experience in technology, software, IT security, digital forensics, eDiscovery, and international and domestic data privacy and security laws that impact the data involved in the dispute.

Any experienced litigator knows that the first rule of being in a courtroom is that no two cases are ever alike. Each case presents unique issues and challenges. As an eDiscovery Special Master, XPAN Law assists courts in effectively resolving technical issues before cases get bogged down, thereby causing otherwise productive discovery to stall. Using their years of experience at both the trial and appellate levels, XPAN Law attorneys can often help resolve issues quickly by getting to the core of a disputed case to allow litigants to come to an acceptable resolution to reduce the pressures on both them and the courts.

Bankruptcy Consumer Privacy Ombudsman

In 2005, Congress made significant changes to the Bankruptcy Code by enacting the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (“BAPCPA”). BAPCPA also included a change to the way personal information could be sold in bankruptcy. Therefore, when considering the sale of consumer data, a bankruptcy court needs to consider the appointment of a consumer privacy ombudsman. Buttressed by extensive experience in bankruptcy and bankruptcy litigation, along with certifications from the International Association of Privacy Professionals (“IAPP”), XPAN Law provides Bankruptcy Courts with an extensive understanding of how domestic and international data privacy laws and regulations impact the sale of consumer data in a bankruptcy proceeding.


XPAN Law works with clients to provide guidance through the litigation lifecycle to create cost-effective eDiscovery methodologies because ALL discovery is electronic discovery. XPAN Law allows the litigation team to focus on its goal – developing the theory of the litigation. We are guided by a simple, yet effective, time-honored principle: success is where preparation meets.

Through strategic partnerships, and using innovative fixed-fee pricing, XPAN Law prepares your litigation counsel by acting as the in-house discovery team and electronic discovery consultants. Our experienced attorneys level the playing field through the convergence of strategy and technology in a cost-conscious manner. XPAN Law provides personal service with attorneys dedicated to assisting legal counsel with the tools they need for depositions and trials. Our discovery professionals become your discovery team. Our discovery methods simplify and deliver the data your legal team needs because as we like to say – the “devil is in the data.”

XPAN Law’s practical knowledge and strategic focus on domestic and international laws, along with our skilled preparation and readiness, affords our clients a clear advantage when addressing issues of eDiscovery.

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