Information Governance

XPAN Law provides regulatory, legal, risk, and operational guidance in the area of Information Governance. Our attorneys have the multidisciplinary knowledge to assist our clients to create a balanced approach to data management. We work with our clients to develop systems that meet both cybersecurity and data privacy compliance standards.

XPAN Law focuses on developing defensible technology system structures, policies, procedures, processes, and controls in every facet of data management. From creation to transmission and storage to destruction, we guide our clients toward implementation of strategic policies and procedures to better manage information from all levels within the organizational framework.

XPAN Law’s insight into translating law to tech allows us to act as a bridge to provide our clients with organizational support at every stage and level of corporate daily activities. Understanding a company’s individualized systems and how it converges with regulatory and privacy issues, XPAN Law can provide vital information to our clients about cybersecurity/data privacy, ensuing legal risk, and how to reduce a company’s legal risk profile. The advantage of being forewarned allows our clients to be forearmed against potential problems when technology inevitably intersects with the law.

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