Our team of attorneys is licensed to practice in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Each attorney is deeply committed to providing practical business solutions and exceptional representation to meet the data security and privacy compliance needs of our clients.

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Rebecca L. Rakoski, Esquire | XPAN Law Partners

Rebecca L. Rakoski, Esquire, Managing Partner
Phone: (215) 239-3048

Rebecca L. Rakoski is the co-founder and managing partner at XPAN Law Partners. Rebecca counsels and defends public and private corporations, and their boards, during data breaches and responds to state/federal regulatory compliance and enforcement actions. As an experienced litigator, Rebecca has handled hundreds of matters in state and federal courts. Rebecca skillfully manages the intersection of state, federal, and international regulations that affect the transfer, storage, and collection of data to aggressively mitigate her client’s litigation risks.

Patrick D. Isbill | XPAN Law Partners

Patrick D. Isbill, Esquire, Managing Partner
Phone: (215) 239-3048

Patrick D. Isbill is the co-founder and managing partner at XPAN Law Partners. Patrick’s practice focuses on cybersecurity and data privacy compliance and enforcement. He is skilled at addressing the business needs and demands of highly regulated industries such as financial institutions, healthcare organizations, legalized cannabis, intellectual property rights, and emerging digital and scientific technologies like artificial intelligence, biometrics, biomedical science and engineering, and quantum computing.

Michael Simon, Esquire | XPAN Law Partners

Michael Simon, Esquire
Phone: (215) 239-3048

Michael Simon is an attorney with XPAN Law Partners. He began his career as a trial attorney in Chicago, where he was an early innovator in using electronic evidence to win cases for his clients. Michael stepped away from the active practice of law for a number of years to focus on developing legal technology solutions. Some of these solutions included using Natural Language Processing (“NLP”) technology to recognize and remediate contract clauses that could violate GDPR requirements and to identify and categorize PII/Personal Data in legal documents for GDPR-mandated pseudonymization. He has also been heavily involved in cross-border data transfer issues, acting as technology counsel for a leading eDiscovery provider.

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