Trade Unions and Pension Funds

Trade Unions and Pension Funds present diverse and unique challenges in their business structure and membership composition. They are without a doubt the trusted partners of the workers they represent. As such, trade unions and pension funds are entrusted with multiple layers of sensitive and personal data of their members. XPAN Law works closely with various trade unions and pension funds of all sizes to ensure the implementation of appropriate, cost-effective measures to maintain that confidentiality in a secure environment.

We assess contractual obligations and legal liabilities to create solutions that can be deployed throughout an organization to meet those obligations. By overlaying a liability map with a technology and data map, XPAN Law works in partnership with our clients to provide a clear and usable framework to create secure, compliant network infrastructure. This allows our trade unions and pension funds clients to have confidence in the security of the data with which they have been entrusted.

Legal Services

  • Data Security Regulatory Assessments
  • Data Privacy Regulatory Assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • Due Diligence Assessments
  • Data Flow Assessments
  • Workflow Assessments
  • Breach and Incident Response
  • Security and Privacy Education and Training
  • Cybersecurity Risk Ratings
  • Cybersecurity Policy Drafting
  • Cybersecurity Standards Drafting
  • Breach/Disaster Recovery Plan Drafting
  • Security and Privacy Implementation

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