Insurance Auditing

Insurance is a basic risk mitigation tool and yet there is nothing basic about an insurance policy, especially in an area like cybersecurity and data privacy. Add to that a laundry list of coverage options and it is easy to see how one policy can become more confusing than the next. Even if you have the so-called “right” coverage, your organization needs to ensure that it is engaging in data privacy and cybersecurity practices that will not lead to an unexpected denial of coverage, and one that fits your company’s unique needs and structural blueprint.

XPAN Law’s team of experienced attorneys can review and evaluate complex cyber and privacy liability insurance policies. Understanding both domestic and international data privacy and cybersecurity laws and regulations, as well as data collection practices, allows us to provide complete, comprehensive and tailored advice to our clients on the best coverage options along with recommendations on best practices to avoid or mitigate the risk of coverage shortfalls. Our team pulls from experience and diligent understanding of a corporation’s legal obligations and technology requirements to provide our clients with practical trusted guidance for their company going forward.

XPAN Law’s knowledge and strategic focus on data privacy and cybersecurity, along with our preparation and readiness, gives our clients a clear advantage when addressing issues of insurance coverage and risk management to come up with workable business solutions.

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