Insurance Auditing

In the current insurance climate, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for companies to obtain the appropriate cybersecurity and data privacy coverage. Insurance is a basic risk mitigation tool, and yet there is nothing “basic” about cybersecurity and data privacy insurance policies. Complex proactive requirements from insurance companies, regulatory requirements, and contractual obligations create a myriad of pitfalls. Additionally, a cybersecurity and data privacy program needs to fit or be designed into a company’s unique needs and structural blueprint to be operational and, therefore, insurable.

XPAN Law’s team of experienced attorneys can review and evaluate complex cyber and privacy liability insurance policies. We work with organizations of all sizes to understand the domestic and international data privacy and cybersecurity laws and regulations impacted by their data collection practices. This thorough understanding allows us to provide complete, comprehensive, and tailored advice to our clients on the best coverage options, along with recommendations on best practices, to avoid or mitigate the risk of coverage shortfalls. Our attorneys rely on experience and diligent understanding of a corporation’s legal obligations and technology requirements to provide our clients with practical trusted guidance for the company going forward.

XPAN Law’s knowledge and strategic focus on data privacy and cybersecurity, combined with our preparation and readiness, gives its clients a clear advantage across the regulatory landscape when addressing issues of insurance coverage and risk management in order to come up with workable business solutions.

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