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XPAN Law understands the operational blueprint of the gaming and casino industry, along with the unique challenges it faces from a regulatory standpoint. As the industry pivots and increasingly relies on internet and mobile gaming coupled with the growing market segment focusing on sports betting, it is critical to engage legal counsel that truly understands the complex universe of technology and data privacy. XPAN Law assists its gaming and casino clients to navigate the complex landscape of data collection by working with them to identify potential regulatory issues and avoid costly liability.

XPAN Law’s experience working with clients in the gaming and casino industry addresses a broad range of data-related legal concerns. We interpret gaming regulations and compare and map those to data specific privacy regulations to harness the good work our clients already do while ensuring universal compliance. We pride ourselves on being a solutions-driven law firm that is constantly developing strategic, practical answers for our clients without holding them back from embracing new, innovative ideas for growing their business.

XPAN Law knows that clients are interested in creating applications and platforms with data privacy and security in mind. They want to keep the data of their customers, clients, players, employees, and partners private and secure. Working with a boutique law firm that understands their concerns and how to make their vision a reality, our clients know that our team of attorneys are constantly developing practical solutions to address cybersecurity issues and data privacy concerns, but always keeping at the forefront the needs and reputational demands of our clients.

Legal Services

  • Data Security Regulatory Assessments
  • Data Privacy Regulatory Assessments
  • Due Diligence Assessments
  • Data Flow Assessments
  • Workflow Assessments
  • Breach and Incident Response
  • Security and Privacy Education and Training
  • Cybersecurity Risk Ratings
  • Cybersecurity Policy Drafting
  • Cybersecurity Standards Drafting
  • Breach/Disaster Recovery Plan Drafting
  • Security and Privacy Implementation

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