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Financial Industry Fault Lines | XPAN Law

Finance Industry Fault Lines: Profit and Compliance Compatibility

Cybersecurity, Financial
By: Rebecca L. Rakoski, Esquire       Patrick D. Isbill, Esquire Profit margins and projected revenue are some of the foremost indicators of a corporation’s long-term sustainability. But fault lines can form down the middle of a company’s financial outlook when certain business issues are not adequately addressed. Issues like regulatory…
Global Privacy Regulations

Navigating Global Privacy Regulations

Data Privacy
Abstract: The list of countries passing data privacy regulations continues to grow, creating compliance challenges for global employers. The author provides examples of recent legislation and suggests steps for complying with new laws. Global Privacy Regulations: Impact on Employers and Benefit Plans by Rebecca L. Rakoski The past several years have demonstrated…

Leave the Exception, Take the Lesson from British Airways

Cybersecurity, GDPR Compliance
If you are a regular follower of XPAN Law’s blog for cybersecurity news and updates or have tuned in to hear us at one of our speaking engagements, you know that we have been closely monitoring the European Union’s (“EU”) thorough investigation and corresponding enforcement action against British Airways for violations under…
CCPA | XPAN Law Partners

Cannabis, Cybersecurity and Data Privacy – What should you do right now under the approved CCPA Regulations

Cannabis, Cybersecurity, Data Privacy
Where the Legalized Cannabis Industry Stands Today with the CCPA Just this past week, the Office of Administrative Law (“OAL”) for California approved the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) regulations, submitted by the state’s Attorney General (“AG”) in June. Those regulations went into effect immediately (more information on the scope…
New Normal | A.I. | XPAN Law Partners

The Rise of the Machines

As we started 2020, it would never have occurred to many of us that before the end of the spring, we would be faced with moving our daily lives almost entirely into a virtual world. We have seen a substantial change in the way we conduct business, educate our children, and generally…


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