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Experience matters. XPAN Law is a technology law firm focused on data privacy and cybersecurity. We are committed to global strategic thinking to reduce risk and lead businesses forward. XPAN Law has a team of experienced legal professionals solely dedicated to providing high-quality, responsive legal services for complex and evolving laws and regulations governing cybersecurity and data privacy. Our firm is different because we go a step beyond just bridging the digital divide between law and technology. We take into account the unique business needs and structural blueprint of a company to ensure that businesses are protected at every step of the way.

As our name suggests, expansion is a key principle to success in global business, and the product of forces moving together. It is also a key building block in looking toward the future. Those unique pieces often require awareness and creativity on how to traverse today’s deepening digital divide between regulatory obligations and technology to achieve a seamless path forward.

XPAN Law accomplishes this goal by relying on 3 core principles – Strategic Thinking, Innovative Ideas, and Practical Solutions. Our attorneys are always thinking about the intersection of law, business and technology.

Strategic Thinking

XPAN Law understands measured strategic thinking, and not simply tactics, is the surest way to effective legal results. Presenting an organization with an out-of-the-box solution is nothing more than a tactical band-aid that overlooks the basic principle that cybersecurity and data privacy is not one-size-fits-all. XPAN Law prides itself on providing efficient, tailored legal solutions that directionally manages compliance to address the unique cybersecurity and data privacy needs of its clients while incorporating the demands of technology know-how.

This strategic thinking is only possible by being open to innovative ideas that fit the changing needs of business development and growth. XPAN Law is an experienced leader in providing cost-effective, concrete solutions to its clients because we know technology and how to adapt to the rapidly changing global marketplace.

Innovative Ideas

Innovative ideas are the engine driving business. XPAN Law is a forward-thinking law firm that understands the structural blueprint of a company, the evolving global regulatory landscape, and how both of those components best fit together. We are constantly thinking of new and original ideas to create a bridge between the business, its legal obligations, and regulatory compliance.

XPAN Law uses a proactive, multi-jurisdictional approach to identify and address legal liabilities related to data privacy and cybersecurity. We work closely with our clients to create a tailored, comprehensive data privacy and cybersecurity program. Each business is different and so is its operational model. Why then would cybersecurity and data privacy work the same for every organization?

XPAN Law’s experienced litigators know how to anticipate legal challenges and aggressively protect the interests of our clients. We skillfully manage the intersection of state, federal, and international regulations that affect the transfer, storage, and collection of data to mitigate our client’s litigation risks.

Practical Solutions

XPAN Law is solutions-oriented. We are always mindful that a company’s goal is not full-time data management, yet data permeates every aspect of business. Coupled with the fact that laws in this area are constantly changing, our clients have a true partner that knows how to handle every nuance of a data transaction.

XPAN Law’s clients run their businesses with the knowledge that they have a team of experienced attorneys focused on their corporate data and operations. We are ready to assist in developing a sound strategy to address the cybersecurity and data privacy needs that seamlessly fit with business practices and technology demands.

XPAN Law partners with its clients and highly values creating adaptive and practical solutions to address today’s demanding business challenges. We pride ourselves on following a responsive, cost-conscious style. XPAN Law wants its clients to do more than simply survive the changing data privacy and cybersecurity landscape, but thrive knowing they have partners they can count on.

About Us

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