Regulatory Enforcement and Disputes

XPAN Law works with corporations facing complex and challenging regulatory enforcement at all levels of government agencies. Regardless of whether a company is facing data privacy and/or cybersecurity regulatory action brought by State District Attorneys and Attorneys General or federally by United States Attorneys, XPAN brings its dedicated legal advice and combined decades worth of litigation experience to comprehensively defend corporations. A regulatory matter is always handled by one of the firm’s experienced and highly respected partners. Our clients can rely on receiving a response to questions involving enforcement directly from a partner.

Whether we are working proactively or responding to regulatory investigations, XPAN Law provides straight-forward and practical legal advice that our clients can depend on. We make every attempt to initially prevent litigation through meticulous research and strategic negotiation in order to fully protect the interests of our clients and keep in mind their defined goals for what they consider is a successful outcome. But sometimes trial is unavoidable. So we are equally ready and experienced to enter into complex litigation and prepared to work tirelessly and relentlessly to aggressively defend or negotiate settlements on behalf of our clients.

XPAN Law helps its clients respond to inquiries and conform to the rules set out by regulatory agencies and that are impacted by domestic and international laws, including:

  • OCR – The Office of Civil Rights
  • FTC – The Federal Trade Commission
  • State Attorneys General Offices
  • GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation
  • CCPA – California Consumer Privacy Act
  • CPRA – California Privacy Rights Act
  • HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • NYDFS – New York Department of Financial Services Cyber Regulation 500
  • New York SHIELD Act

XPAN Law’s practical knowledge and strategic focus on data privacy and cybersecurity, along with our skilled preparation and readiness, provides our clients with a clear and unparalleled advantage when addressing issues of regulatory enforcements and disputes.

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